Sunday, March 20, 2011

On Urban Agriculture

'Eating is an agricultural act."
- Wendell Berry: On Food and Culture; 1979

Today's food system is changing dramatically day by day. Commodity farming continues to eat up our precious land resources, soil, water, and even seed... all while organic and sustainable agriculture thrive even in a recessed economy. Folks new to agriculture are starting their own projects and making strides in realizing new levels in production while improving the health and vitality of living systems. I believe it is because people are waking up to the importance of healthy fresh food and the importance of finding it locally.

The new wave of local agriculture has now spread to the Urban Landscape... and has tied in with the culture of cities in bringing the same health and vibrance reminiscent of rural ag to the streets of Baltimore. Vacant lots transform into productive community gardens or farms where people grow food that sustains them in a wholesome way that connects farm to fork. Farmers Markets bustle with vendors and satisfied customers bringing good food to tables from hood to hood.

It is the Full Circle Urban Farm's mission to continue to integrate new ways of cultivating healthy fresh produce into the Urban Landscape while giving back to the communities that enable the agriCULTURE in the work that sustains us and keeps us healthy, wealthy, and wise.